It’s easier than ever to go Solar! Stop wasting your money renting your electricity, and own it.  If you own a house with adequate access to the sky, the experts at Copper Star Solar can outfit your home with an optimized solar energy system.  Our Solar Power Specialists can also help you understand the financial and tax-incentives for solar power, simplifying the transition and allowing you to further increase your savings potential with your residential solar system.  With our 5 year workmanship warranty—surpassing the industry standard by a full three years — shows just how much we believe in our work.  Additionally, we can offer a Solar Production Guarantee, so that you can be sure your residential solar system will produce the power your home needs to keep up with your energy demands.

The Value of a Solar Panel Installation For Your Home

With home solar power you can predict your electricity costs for years to come.  When you buy the panels outright you get all the benefits of ownership.  It's to transfer the panels to a new home owner if you sell the home.  If you financed the purchase, the electricity is essentially free after the loan is paid off.  When leasing the panels you don't own them, you just buy the electricity they produce at locked in rate for 20 years.  The leasing company will take care of any maintenance and support issues the life of the system.

Your initial inquiry to Copper Star Solar gets you going in the pursuit to owning your own solar system.  We’ll assess your situation to to ensure you are a good candidate for a home solar panel installation.  The process is simple:




Not all roofs are the same.  Therefore, CSS offers many different types of inverters so that your system is optimized for whatever situation your home might present.  CSS offers different technologies from only the top manufactures.   We want to ensure the customer service you receive from us is the same quality we receive from the manufactures for years to come.

Solar Panels/Modules

There are numerous panel manufactures out there, CSS offers what we feel is the best of the best.  When selecting modules for your home there are a few very important features you want to check out; Performance, Quality, and Warranty.  We have took the guess work out for you by only working with premium solar panel manufactures.


In order to build a quality system you must start with a solid foundation.  Again, not all roofs are the same, but we have you covered.  Depending on your roof we have the ability to adapt to offer you the strongest most durable racking system possible.

Tax Credits & Financing Options

The federal tax credit is one of the most important incentives for home solar adoption, reducing the cost of going solar by up to 30%. The tax credit is calculated on the total cost of a solar installation, including all equipment and labor costs, for systems installed by December 31, 2019.  After that it will drop down to 26% for systems installed by December 31, 2020, and to 22% for systems installed by December 31, 2021. Systems installed January 1, 2022 or later will not be eligible for any credit.

We partner with many renewable energy financing companies so that we can provide you with multiple options to suite your needs. With a simple application we can get you and your system approved today.


Next Steps...

Give us a call today, with a little as your address and 12 months of your utility bills we can provide you a FREE solar system estimate. Stop wasting your money on renting your electricity, own it, for years to come.