Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is key to maximum production from your solar system to ensure your ROI (Return on Investment) does not extend past the estimated return date. We offer O&M packages for residential, commercial, and utility scale projects across the US that can be customized to your project's specific needs. Our Basic solar O&M package is the core of solar maintenance.

Basic Solar O&M Package:

A Bi-Annual preventive maintenance visits (Visual and Mechanical Inspection)
IV curve tracing on all source circuits
Active Site Monitoring
Fixed pricing for standard additional services


Optional O&M Services:

Site Assessments and Inspections
Carport structural analysis
Commissioning and Re-Commissioning
Emergency response
Solar Panel Washing
Solar Plant Monitoring
Billing Services
Preventative Maintenance
Retrofit and Solar Upgrades
Snow Removal
Vegetation Management
Warranty Services
Installation and troubleshooting for Data
Acquisition System (DAS) providers

Start Your Solar O&M Plan today, help;

  • Protect your valuable investment
  • Make sure your solar panels are operating at their maximum output ratings
  • Maximize revenues
  • Ensure your warranties are not voided
  • Avoid costly repairs

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