In a remote location? Not in a remote location? Off grid solar systems provide clean, renewable energy to residential, commercial, and industrial sites all over the the world.  Often considered too expensive due to equipment costs, off-grid systems have been the second or even third option for securing power for a site.  CSS's team of qualified engineers, simplify the design, and implementation of battery based systems where grid power is either too difficult to reach or simply unavailable. If rolling blackouts, natural disasters, utility interruptions, damaging equipment or live in an area where utility power is outrageously expensive then you should be looking into a off-grid system.

Typical off grid solar systems consist of solar panels, a DC-to-AC inverter, charge controller and a battery bank sized to accommodate the required amount of energy storage. The solar system is sized to provide enough electricity to power the daytime loads while fully charging the batteries each day for the night time loads. At night, the energy storage powers the chosen connected load or equipment. To protect against prolonged periods of cloudy weather, Copper Star Solar can include a back up generator source such as natural gas or propane fired, for complete reliability and functionality.

Most off grid solar systems utilize energy storage in some form. Solar energy storage systems provide continuous electricity for your home, or business during any kind of event that leaves you without utility power.  CSS has engineered reliable, safe, and virtually maintenance free battery systems for home and business owners on and off the grid.


Industries of Expertise:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Telecommunications
  • Municipalities

Copper Star Solar has installed off grid solar systems on islands in the Caribbean, the deserts of Southern California, remote sites in Arizona, and other locations.

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