Benefits of Working With Us

Copper Star Solar helps you by making solar a part of your energy strategy by reducing energy expenses and making energy costs predictable in the future. Our goal is to maximize client savings that can be reinvested into the core of the business. Here at Copper Star Solar we do not believe in a one size - fits all approach to saving energy costs. Instead, our team of experts analyze every aspect of data to effectively procure a perfect solution to your energy needs. The solution for most of our commercial clients is typically driven by an analysis of current load, tariff, and general business requirements as well as other components. How much your business saves over the 25 to 30 year lifetime of a typical commercial solar system depends on many factors, including how you finance it, federal and local incentives, your utility rate, and the amount of sunshine available in your area. To help commercial and industrial solar customers evaluate the financial benefits of installing solar. Copper Star Solar can provide a free quote and a detailed financial analysis to see if solar is the right fit for your business. This process is honest, upfront, simple for you and worlds beyond what any other "solar" company can offer.


Copper Star Solar's team includes Certified Licensed Professionals, Master Electricians, NABCEP Certified Installers, Accountants, Project Managers, and an experienced in-house construction team responsible for building over 500 energy systems. Together, we direct clients through the process of an energy project – from origination, to execution, all the way to long term monitoring, operation, and maintenance. Other solar companies are just project managers, sales and marketing operations and more than likely aren't educated nor experienced within the solar industry. These companies outsource the design and engineering, racking and module installation labor, and the electrical system installation to individual companies for each task item, ultimately putting the ROI at risk and at the mercy of multiple subcontractor schedules costing you, the client, more money to pay the unnecessary "middle man".



When your system has issues, these companies play the blame game pointing the finger at each other, leaving you with a system that has unresolved issues and additional yet unnecessary costs. With Copper Star Solar it’s ONE phone call and ONE-point of contact.

Your solar system construction team is critical to maximizing your return. It requires a cohesive approach for achieving financial benefits and system performance. All phases must be coordinated with the various disciplines involved throughout every phase in order to deploy the highest quality system, in one controlled process. And that is precisely what Copper Star Solar offers.

Our Process

Copper Star Solar provides fully-integrated solutions for the successful implementation of solar PV projects. At the core of our solution is the vast industry knowledge and track record of a national solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction). Copper Star Solar is able to perform as a Full Service EPC at every step including:


Commercial Process

Our Expertise

Copper Star Solar has worked with industry leading developers, commercial building owners, and utilities throughout the country to implement ingenious behind-the-meter solar solutions, custom-made to meet production and aesthetic requirements. These systems can offset operating costs while reducing your carbon footprint and increasing overall property value. We also have extensive experience working with municipal and other governmental entities to design/build projects that meet sustainability goals and achieve energy savings. We work closely with our clients to ensure projects meet and exceed the stringent requirements of government contracts. With Copper Star Solar, you retain a single point of contact throughout the entire project life, and beyond. With regional offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, Ohio and Florida, we provide solar energy solutions for you or your organization throughout the United States. Give us a call and we can get a site analysis started today.